William hill рейтинг

Минимальная сумма для вывода составляет 10 долларов. Все предельно ясно и понятно. Мера принята в целях поддержания безопасности личной информации william hill рейтингов.

William Hill (Вильям Хилл) всё о букмекере: отзыва, обзор, сайт, видео

Затем сделайте william hill рейтингу. Это безопасно, просто. Как быстро рассматриваю заявки на вывод в БК WilliamHill? Бонусы Вильям Хилл Букмекерская контора William Hill предлагает несколько бонусов для своих клиентов.

William Hill букмекерская контора обзор и отзывы

Размер внесенного депозита увеличится вдвое. Сайт русифицирован, ставки не принимаются в рублях. Какая комиссия при выводе средств в БК WilliamHill? В случае возникновения проблем рекомендуем обратиться в службу поддержки БК. Специалисты компании работают очень оперативно..

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142 Replies to “William hill рейтинг”

  1. How come its mostly William hill and coral on really closing. Ladbrokes around me seem to be still doing well apparently from the staff or are they lying lol.

  2. All closing the shops will do is push people online. Less overheads bigger profits for the bookies. Win win for them!!!

    1. Yep, dont know why fobts get so much hate, like HELLO i can play any full blown casino game on my fucking mobile.

  3. Ive played that slot and Ive only ever got one decent feature with a high symbol. You get a retrigger plus three symbols on screen twice. Unbelievable.

    1. The truth right here… wasted about 200-300 over last few weeks (50-100 per session) playing variety of 1 and 2 quid spins and nothing. This guy makes it look easy…! Unless Im just unlucky in the bookies. Only decent wins have been online slots & roulette. Oh did get 45 quid back at WH playing 5p roulette on the 2 quid spins, took about an hour though. Definitely avoiding fobt slots now, rtp is shite!

  4. Hello Darren, its lovely video again showing us the fobt slots and I am glad to see you winning on low percentage paying slots. Can I ask a request if youre in William hill again can you play LUCK OF THE IRISH fortune spins, or play the same slot in slots amusents power spins.

  5. I love horus its virtually the only slot I play its a shame youve not had anything mega from it.

    I was lucky enough last week to turn £10 into £800 playing 20p stakes then moving up to £1 once I got to £80

  6. Best video for a while ☺ good choice off slots not sticking just to one game ☺

  7. william hills are cowboys as soon as fobts dropped stake they increase place offers etc

  8. god help all the other William Hills if stop and steps local is closing 🙂

  9. Every FOBT in England should be thrown on the scrap heap, good riddance ✋🏻

  10. Well done good result for you. I put £100 in coral hit jackpot walked out then went paddy Power and blew it all boo hoo. Get rid of the bookies they are mindfxxks

  11. Can you start to do constructive things with the money seeing as the bookies are closing down , thus helping the punters find something better to do . Just an observation.

  12. Good session sponsored by the bookies to get you into other branches??

  13. Can you do online lighting roulette please
    Keep up the good work and can I have a shout out 😉

  14. Hay darren aka stop and step been watching about a year just subbed though u gamble so i dont have too any more u know what youre doing great vids great attitude go steady

  15. Darren these bookies sessions are unwatchable, take that as a compliment by the way. Your recent online sessions were epic…it’s like us watching you run the 100 meters in 9.5 seconds and then uploading a vid where you run it in 20 …it’s going to look 💩

    1. Patrick Fisher , no problem mate. Different opinions but for me the FOBTS are s#ite now which is also a good thing knowing how much money they can rinse you for ✌️

  16. For all the haters.. if you dont the bookies then why you here watching slot videos you mongs…. i bet you all have a cheeky bet on grand national day though dont ya 👍 idiots.

  17. Should do like a final good bye do the classic you use to play like centurion rainbow riches and that would be good

    1. Scottish born and bred tae hes just an arse who doesnt recognise short txt lol😊

    2. Gains Bond another asshole I see away n craw bck under the rock ya came from cretin 👍👍👍

  18. Ask to buy one of their old machines, you might end up saving money 😀

  19. Are there other sesxions you film where the Bookies rinse you which you dont upload? You have loads of luck in these vids. I always get a kicking.

    1. Would definitely recommend checking out earlier videos of him playing stuff on Blueprints and the like. Sometimes you have great sessions and sometimes you get absolutely rinsed.

    2. Hi, I upload everything I record, this was just a lucky session.

  20. How do u know there shutting down stop and step?have they said what shops there shutting down?

    1. If youre friendly with the staff theyll tell you things like that (and more besides). And if you spot a shop getting a refurb — the chances are that one will not shut down.

  21. glad your local bookies is closing darren. great news. them places are the devil

  22. I reckon they will close all the bookmakers down which will only give people the option to bet online which means more people will get addicted to online gambling cause it is easier.

  23. Infinity by William Hill.

    Around and around we go into infinity
    Take a walk in the forest sit under a pine tree
    Smoke a bowl, take a toll driving across the country
    Appreciate all that you receive and what you see.

    I AM here forevermore in the now, We are that
    Different personas, are you a sly rat or cool cat?
    Play your role well for you are the One into many
    Erect the world around you, create, youll have plenty.

    Now when is enough enough? A good question to ask.
    Always be here in the now, just focus on the task
    The past is the past and the future has not yet come
    Our potential is great, we are anything but dumb

    Forever and ever hear the tick tock of the clock
    Except you are the prisoner and you hold the lock
    The key is in your hands as well, keeper of the jail
    Warden of the mind free yourself, a new day, set sail.

    There may be a storm approaching but always be brave
    Cool wind, rough waters, prickling rain, fifteen foot wave
    The storm will soon be over and there will be sunshine
    Keep hope in your heart and love will always be on line

    Your end will soon come, dont be afraid, itll be okay
    For in your end is your beginning, no price to pay
    What a magnificent ordeal that we are all in
    Sublime truly, were are all One and we all lose and win.

  24. I hope you left some business cards in there, so people know where to get they’re fix??🤪

  25. Nice to see loads of bonuses at the bookies , and the win a bonus for u ..whats the plan for online Friday ?

    1. @Stop and Step thanks for reply watch all your videos … What about slots starting from a — z ovs not in one night , if possible aswell lol

  26. Bookies are closing down all over the place. The £2 max stake on fixed odds FOBTs has killed them… sucks about the job losses but Casinos are way better. Our slot options in the UK are limited because its nothing like US and rest of EU but still better than bookies even then.

  27. The furious staff have put all the machines on win mode before the closure

  28. Fobt are poison, although im gamstopped online very rarely im drawn in to a bookies for a quick 20quid on these machines, gone in 10 seconds, how are these things even legal

    1. Tony Blair opened up the unscrupulous gambling market in the UK. It has plagued cities and towns for years.

  29. Its if it dont sound when bonus lands that his eyes go red and gives u bonus mate

  30. Just got a full screen of 666 on Lucky Little Devil. 60p spins = £800. Not a bad win

    1. Another £600 on free spins on £2 stake. Managed to get 3×3 666 and an extra 1 on next reel 😍 thanks jackpot joy but Im taking this £1350 and beating the casino. GAMSTOP here I come lol

  31. This was a fun watch! Nice to see some slots Ive never seen before. Nice wins too! 🙂

  32. Another awesome video as per usual.
    Keep On Smashing The Like button People 😁

    1. If I smash the like button people wont be able to do anymore likes.

  33. Fantastic news, shame about the job losses but hope to see many more bookies shut down. Absolute plague on the high Street

    1. I prefer to bet in a shop because my bank frowns on gambling transactions. I might have to get a paysafecard though, because the reduced odds in the shops. In PP, Daily Millions pays 375/1 for 3 numbers, 39 ball draw but in the shop it is only 300/1. There was only one person on the FOBTs in the shop and they were playing Fishing Frenzy and someone else at the tills was arguing about a 40/1 shot being cut to 25/1. The only way to keep the shops open seems to be screwing people over at every turn.

    2. I dont want them all closed down, not everyone is like me some people can bet sensibly. My issue is the same as some others its the needless littering of every town with a plethora of bookies. A local town to me thats clearly not exactly affluent had 3 corals at one point within a 2 to 3 minute walk of each other. Everyone knows that FOBTs funded this expansion.

    3. Stop blaming the bookie for your own personal inability to stop yourself gambling. As much as they might temp you or cause addiction the gambler still has a choice. I was a problem gambler myself and I learnt the hard way. I blamed the bookies and casinos for my problem but the real problem was myself. Once I admitted it to myself I barred myself and enrolled on Gamstop. Sick of hearing problem gamblers shifting the blame all the time, take some responsibility for your selfish actions

    4. @RichyRich156 I was in the bookies early one morning before the 2 pound cap, a bloke won 700 pound on the roulette the bloke behind the counter said sorry mate cant pay you out till later we only get 500 pound float for the day basically all pay outs on the slots an bets for the day came from the forbts, thats why they were emptied why you were in the bookies had to keep the till full,I know that the whetherspoons pays 100 pound a week to rent one slot machine an keeps all the profit that goes in there my local one has five,big money to be made.

  34. All of the bookies machines are a robbing scam. Wins like this are extremely rare and I think them closing down is a good thing. Online is the way and at least you can win big after youve been screwed. The bookies machines literally screw you with no lube. Good riddance to them

  35. I hope I win the £500 giveaway so I can take my girlfriend on holiday next month fingers crossed

  36. Bookies slots are boring now, it’s all about the online vids 👍🏻

    1. @Stop and Step isnt there someone you can make a complaint to about that?

  37. Why do you still do fobt when you do well online and the max win is £500

  38. Another good video,glad to see you get something back from the bookies,I reckon a fairy follows you with a magic wand lol,boy you are one lucky bloke.😂

  39. Eye of Horus buddy, you always make my day. Such a friendly guy, big repetitive player pleasing the subs.

  40. Wishing well is my all time favorite slot! I have had jackpot several times before on this slot, and once twice in a row in the same sitting. Maybey thats because it seems to be an unpopular game??

  41. Wow always winning even when bookies are dead, such a lucky guy

  42. Great video as always mate 😊 Could you possibly try some of your old favourites like luck o the Irish or jackpot gems again?

  43. Just a matter of time until my little home town of only 8k people ditch them too. Weve got a Ladbrokes and a William Hill. I rarely see more than 2 people a time in Hills. Good riddance I say!

  44. Good video… You are sad that William Hill is closing its shops… LOL
    Time they were all gone… You can get MUCH better prices and better gaming online and NO silly £500 jackpot .

    1. Im not sad about it, but my local staff are nice. I rarely played William Hill once the stakes changed, they dropped all of their percentages and the terminals are very laggy, the games are pretty poor quality compared to others.

  45. Plays some Safegrabber cop the lot at William Hill next time👍🏼

  46. Your local had to you wore the glass of the fob machines they was nearly scrap. So had to close dwn shop

  47. A few new games in ladbrokes one of them is vampire desire the reels are like hercules and black knight dude

  48. Finally wishing well I love this game had my two 500’s off it once on 2£ a spin n the other on the fortunes spins but the best I’ve done is 480£ on 20p stake had a full screen of the green gems for 400 n then got a few retriggers

  49. Shout out please buddy im in mourning over my local coral closing down 😞

  50. Relax guys, the only reason this William Hill is closing is because theyve just got planning rights to build one outside Stop and Steps drive

    1. Its not a holiday? What do you expect the special to be exactly.. A compilation of slots involving large buildings and passenger aircraft?

  51. Oh no a casino that closes down😭. One less place where people can lose their houses and families. Oh no. How sad.

  52. Tbf your rite eye of Horus is robs. Been playing it 8 months and I must admit I reckon it has taken 2k and retuned maybe 25%
    Bonuses are shocking, you play atleast 70 pound spins and finally get bonus and win 2.4 or 12pound.

    1. @Herbert when ?? i musta missed it . but he is great a proper regular guy

    2. Darrens always swearing, hes got a mouth like a sewer. He swears at least a couple of times in this video.

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  54. Glad you took my advice on wishing well.Sometimes the bonus is costly to get,but once you get it ,it usually pays well.

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